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Before we take you to preview one of the most popular tattoo design memberships on the web today, we want to explain, from our point of view, what you are getting.

Tattoo Me Now is by far one of the top online websites for tattoo designs. However, it can be quite intimdating to take the plunge into your wallet, so let US explain before we let them do their sales pitch. (or just go there now!)

What do you need to know about the membership?

  • This site is different because it offers you everything in one place. You get tattoo designs, a tattoo forum, actual member tattoo photos, free ebooks with even more tattoo design ideas, and all of the info surrounding the tattoo experience. It really does make you prepared.
  • If you are looking for butterfly tattoos, fantasy tattoos or even dragon tattoos they have some real fantastic designs to baseline your individual tattoo design from. The tribal designs are mostly what a lot of memberships will give you, but to have them along with the more unique designs makes for a fully inclusive membership.
  • There are thousands of tattoo designs on top of thousands of actual tattoo photos along with numerous bits of tattoo related information, all in one place. The cost is $27 for a 1-year membership and $37 for lifetime. For most people, save the $10 and get the 1-year. If you can't figure it out by then, maybe you shouldn't be getting one!
  • The tattoo forum is not the biggest we have seen, but there are definately threads that are a good read for someone about the get inked for the first time.
  • You will first be giving them your first name and email, this is just to personalize the next page. Follow along as you don't want to miss out on this package. It is well worth the $27, in our opinion, to have tons of ideas all in one place to begin your journey towards the perfect tat!

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There Is A Growing Acceptance Of Tattoos Across The World

The acceptance of tattoos is here to stay. Firends, extended family members and even most employers no longer frown upon tattoos. Most are even eager to see what kind of body art you received with great interest. Moms everywhere are starting to realize this and are making tattooing a family affair making sure dads no longer have all of the fun!