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Description: it is of my girls names and the feet are colored in there birthstone color
Keywords: presley, brooklyn
Date: 25.03.2010 15:13
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In ancient times, have a landlord, or having a fertile acres, be regarded as a small landowner, his family hired a total of four farm laborers, are all permanent nature, is responsible for the cultivation of land.

Began, the landlord of the farm laborers in the traditional manner using high-pressure policy, hiring a security guard as supervision, on-site supervision of farm laborers labor, farm laborers attracted little slack supervision of the meal will be whipped. Farm laborers are very angry, often gathered to denounce the landlord, agreed tacitly agreed to obey the surface, but the secret is not hard labor, whenever possible, to lie down on the job.
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Over the past year, prom dresses the harvest is much lower than other stores, landlords huff that the poor security guard supervisor, they changed a security guard, due to cost, he can not hire more people to do the supervision. Second year of the harvest is still down, but also the collective farm laborers strike occurred.

Landlord anger, supervision and farm laborers will all win, and added four farm laborers, they are Joe Smith, John Doe, Wang V, Zhao 6, while the landlord personally involved in supervision of farm laborers in the labor, but the situation did no change to the end of the year still failed to achieve the level of harvest.

Extremely distressed landlords are now, a Western missionaries came to the closed Villa, after the deep-level exchanges with the missionaries, landlords feel the advanced nature of capitalism, he transformed into a new school figures, while the implementation of the actual situation, he resigned from the supervision, and stressed the farm laborers were given full human rights and freedoms, to ensure high-handed policy is no longer compulsory, but a fixed wage system and to develop detailed rules and regulations.

Regulations provides daily **** farm laborers who must get up before sunrise to induction of labor, intense midday sun can rest for one hour in the shade, the sun sets and be able to call it a day. Shanggong and call it a day must be thumb printed by the landlord, taking into account the farm laborers had to look after the family farm laborers the landlord provides 5 days of rest every 2 days, but the condition is not delayed farm work.

Any violation of labor record, a button up to punish late or leave early the day of pay, a button up to punish absenteeism 10 days wages, accumulated 5 times a year absenteeism (three times for being late or leaving early count as one of absenteeism, lack of a thumb print and a half times absenteeism by treatment) did resign treatment. Not allowed to work during the lazy and the sun, where the discoverer be punished by being late.
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As the landlord to provide the salary challenging, Eve isk but also on a monthly basis, and will not lean, farm laborers were ecstatic, said they must work hard to repay the landlord Daendade.

Land crop year increased by 50%, the landlord managed to see the enormous benefits of democracy, happy laugh Zuidou did not agree. The excitement, he decided to expand the production scale, so other landlords to buy 100 acres of land, also has hired seven weeks, Mo 82 farm laborers, preparing a go.

Business as usual, to imagine the end of abundant harvest, the landlord often wake up from sleep smile, the days p***ed, the end came down harvest summary, the additional 100 acres of land and two human cases, revenue grew only 10% . landlord angrily, the farm laborers are brought together, opened a critical ***embly increased aid. The General ***embly hall banner hoisted a big letter to his party characters "do not work hard today, farming, farming tomorrow to find" people looked scared, shudder.

Was deeply critical of the farm laborers, landlords in their laziness and incompetence, the announcement last month of the year-end wages all button up to punish.

This is all of a sudden, like to poke a hornet's nest, we have expressed dissatisfaction and protest, the landlord with your fingers pointed toward a banner, leaving the word "who do not want to, flew leave" then turned away. Yan had the eggplant as you generally are not speech.
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Following the meeting, ffxi gil Joe Smith, Paul Lee and Wang 5 with playing the "Landlords", while playing, while landlords cruel curse, so that they have no money to take home New Year, erupted in home wife Masi is not strange.

Some vent to look after their landlord decided to intercede separately.

Joe Smith starting the first, to find the landlord complained that four of them had done and hard about the past week as the new seven, Wu 82 people usually do not work hard work, an opportunity to be lazy and get a monthly salary and we have the same more, a long time we feel a little unfair, so they have started lazy, this has led to a decline in the harvest.

Landlord was furious and decided to find other people to confirm this, his determination to implement this once, will certainly be heavy penalties on the parties.

Joe Smith had gone, John Doe reflect the situation soon came to the landlord, the landlord immediately verified week seven, eight military matters, the situation is basically consistent with the seating stresses.

Paul Lee was gone, the king also find five talk to the landlord, in addition to Joe Smith, John Doe mentioned problems, he also mentioned another case, that he first saw the house next door to the cattle eat the crops, he went to was horn in time when the bursting of the leg, not able to come to work the next day, was the landlord button up to punish the 10-day wage, so after he saw other family cow to eat the crops will no longer care. Well him a landlord Tao "Why did not you declare reason was it?" King 5 said, "I was prepared to say, but you look at me angrily scared, there is no speaking, no opportunity to go after."
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Landlords want, wow power leveling the next six years in the Chao, and behold they did not wait until such a day. Landlords can not wait, is preparing to convene a staff meeting, announced seven weeks, eight of the sanctions and military decisions. Two had also come to the landlords, and landlords will be some punishment they cried, shouted two innocent, said Joe Smith, John Doe that they relied on the old staff, qualifications and old, number of people in peacetime often bully them, they never work properly , also laughed at them both practical work hard is foolish, and said they often visited the landlord to look like when filled with hard work.

Host halo, and all of a sudden can not distinguish the authenticity of the six people get face to face confrontation, everyone apart into bickering, no address no problem.

No landlords were quarrel, trance seems to have found the crux of the problem, he decided to implement the contract system, land is divided into six, tendering approach, according to the land fertile and the size and difficulty of cultivation and other indicators, the landlord approved in advance according to the indicators in previous years a minimum value of the land by the six bid price bidding, the final contract accepting the highest bid successful, and so on, until the last piece of land.

Farm laborers seem to have expressed great enthusiasm, bidding the day of their six jointly supported with bamboo sticks from a larger, more eye-catching banner that read "landlords, the landlords I love you, we will always support you!." Landlords to see banners, light back a while ago, got into his eyes watching them laugh, we return to him is self-confident and p***ionate eyes upward.

After a fierce bidding was very successful, after all the race of standard yields satisfactory results.

Dispersed site, the landlord's eyes radiate an intoxicating fragrance, he can see the next year's harvest of grain warehouses full of images.
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At first, wedding gowns the landlords do not worry, from time to time to the fields to go around, look at the hard Xiantaijiadu farming crops a better than one, the landlord finally put down the heart, the missionaries invited by a friend, they traveled together to the great motherland The rivers and mountains, a visit is six months.

At the end of the landlord back home, see their own barn full of rice, corn and other grain, saw wife's face smiles, needless to say, has done extremely well this year's harvest.

One told, "wow", the landlord tempted jumped up this year's net income increased 100% from the previous year, farm laborers have completed a fixed, per capita also actively contributed more than 20%. Landlords try to sweet Household Responsibility System , determined to cause bigger and stronger, he vowed to do the village, not the county, the province's largest landlord.

But no extra money to large-scale landowners to buy land, how do?

Landlord asking this question.

The next day opened the door, "wow", the door filled the large and small landlords who each of them written in blood on both the amount of "Come on, mergers me!"

Original, large and small landowners saw the landlord made such great achievements, their willingness to use its own land shares, and grow together with the landlord.
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Carefully selected, wow power leveling select the landlord a landlord, landlords, B, C are three local landowners the most famous of the big landlords as a strategic partner to set up a cooperative joint community land, but also served as president of the landlord is responsible for daily operations, a landlord, host B, host C, as vice president, major business decisions must be agreed to by more than three votes. Income distribution according to 1:1:1:1.

As the participation of a few large landowners, landlords suddenly expanded scale of operation 10 times, reaching 2,000 acres. 40 acres per person average contract terms, the landlord needs to hire 50 people, but currently only six individuals, the landlord decided to open external recruitment.

If landlords let out, to actually target people crowded the door broke the landlord, the landlord decided to attend the two bidders each receive a silver tender fee, tender activities to ensure expenditures. 1000 taels of silver on income alone. Landowners are all on the landlord's management ability to vote in admiration, not yet opened on the net 250, is really very cost-effective, and this adds to their confidence and love of the landlord.

The venue is very lively bidding, the atmosphere of a warm atmosphere, a variety of banners fluttered in the hall were wonderful little better.
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3, distinguish primary and secondary. wow power leveling Prioritizing the extraordinary life is the result. Do not be attracted by something trivial, but important things aside, otherwise, time, effort and money will be wasted. To achieve this, we must be good at carding clue, clear obstacles, prioritize.
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4, be prepared for. wedding gowns Extraordinary life is the result storage - storage of goods, time, space, energy and money. As it will get far more than expected - will be living five years, not six months; a full day of leisure time, not 15 minutes. Storage can reduce the concerns, so decided to unrestricted, thought not hesitate.
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5, dedicated. wow power leveling Focus on the extraordinary life is the result. To do things half-hearted, a person will spend more than 75% of energy. Many people do not know how to remove distractions, because they never thought to put it differently live. Look around people who make you the envy of the life! To see themselves from what they have learned? Ask them to find a way to focus, to focus on the really important things.
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6, strengthen our faith. wedding dresses Extraordinary life is the result with confidence. Confidence in the outcome directly determines the success or failure. Motivated people targeted and will do anything to achieve.
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7, to take action. wedding gowns Extraordinary life, from action. There is a familiar old saying, "a thousand miles begins with one step." Even the smallest things, such as from the couch to the refrigerator, also need personal actions. Just do it from now on, do not make any excuses, saying that such a wage, and other children grow up, or so the weather is good then we'll talk. Starting today, to work towards the dream, this is the best time. The only way to create a better tomorrow will live again in many problems, I believe these problems will eventually be resolved, is the key to creating a better life.
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New year arrived,and games continue!
All hail innovation! A group of intrepid University of Southern California students have created and released FAAST, or the Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit compatible with the XBox Kinect. Using FAAST, folks can map body movements and gestures. To put the program through its paces, the group used FAAST to play World of Warcraft via Kinect. The results are AWESOME as the video shows a group member casting spells, moving the camera and more.
In this video, we show how FAAST can be used to control off-the-shelf video games such as World of Warcraft. Since these games would not normally support motion sensing devices, FAAST emulates keyboard input triggered by body posture and specific gestures. These controls can be dynamically configured for different applications and games.
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Since so much is changing in World of Warcraft, I figured why not change theWailing Caverns.
I guess it will be the same with Razorfen Downs, but my characters aren't up to there yet in their LFG leveling game.
But in general, Wailing Caverns and Razorfen Kraul are two lowbie instances where a Horde cross-over can look all uber knowledgable and educated by taking the directional lead of a group of Alliance payers.
Wailing Caverns is one that I find the tanks often leave the party as soon as they zone in when I'm in there on my Shaman who cannot tank. They leave partially because the instance is so darned long, but also because as a Tank it's generally your responsibility to lead direction and get the group from the start of the instance to the end.
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Develop is reporting that World of Warcraft has lost 300,000 subscribers between May and July, bringing the total count down to roughly 11.1 million subscribers.
This is the second straight quarter that Blizzard has posted significant subscriber losses. Earlier in the year, Blizzard reported a loss of 600,000 subscribers, bringing the subscriber numbers down to 11.4 million.
The back-to-back losses have prompted Blizzard to rethink their strategy. Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime noted that simply pumping new content into the game hasn't been as effective as the game ages due to the increased speed with which WoW players consume the new content.
While Blizzard attributes most of the losses to content gaps they have taken a number of steps this year to spur growth. Earlier this year, Blizzard launched Cataclysm in China, and also went on to launch of the World of Warcraft: Starter Edition, which allows players to play free for as long as they want up to level 20.
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