About MommyTattoos.com

MommyTattoos.com is run by Rick and Lisa. We are parents of a 7 year old girl and a 13 year old boy. We created this site as both a hobby for us and to get inspiration from other mommies who have tattoos.

At MommyTattoos.com, our main goal is to bring awareness to mothers everywhere that getting a tasteful tattoo to honor their children is just a very cool thing to do. We believe it's a permanent reminder of who you love and who loves you the most in this world.

We also wanted to make a site where mothers could be able to showcase their mommy tattoos and be proud of them. Your mommy tattoo pictures may also help other mothers gain the courage or help with the creative process of other moms who might be thinking of getting a mommy tattoo of their own.

Finally, we also wanted to let mothers know the risks of getting a tattoo early on in pregnancy as well as after child birth. Please read our tattoo tips on our mommy tattoos home page to learn more about what to you need to know and what to look for when getting a mommy tattoo.